Drafting a Declaration of Covenants?

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The attorneys at Larsen Lynch May LLC in Edwards, Colorado are experienced in providing effective legal representation to Homeowners Associations and Condominium Owners Associations in Colorado.  Whether you need review of your governing documents for counsel on a particular fact situation or it is time to amend and re-write the governing documents, we provide effective review, drafting and action to assist the Board in administering the management of the Association.

Settle HOA disputes quickly and effectively

Homeowners associations are designed to help neighbors coexist peacefully and maintain a neighborhood's value and appearance. If a dispute occurs, Larsen Lynch May will be there to help resolve the matter.

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  • Collect dues
  • Enforce a rule
  • Resolve a dispute
  • Write a resolution
  • Meet with owners
  • Re-write all of your governing documents